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I Recycled This Incorrectly for Years

Am I the Only One? Oh, the SHAME

A few months ago I was finishing a bottle of my favorite coffee creamer and something inspired me to glance at the recycling information. Suddenly my stomach dropped, the label isn’t recyclable?! Upon looking closely, I’ve now found that most, if not ALL, plastic creamer bottles have a label that must be removed in order for the bottle to be recycled. The guilt was a bit overwhelming knowing that I had likely caused an interruption at the recycling center at least a few dozen times in my life!

Why Recycling Correctly is Crucial

”Wishcycling“ is improper recycling, when a person assumes something is recyclable but it isn’t. Well intentioned small gesture, but the negative impact is rather large! Improper recycling causes decreased efficiency, damage to very expensive equipment, danger to recycling center employees, and ultimately a contaminated end product that might not be salable. Additionally, any garbage that gets removed from the center during sorting must then be hauled off to the dump where it was supposed to be in the first place, wasting resources and fuel.

Happy proper recycling! 🌱

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