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What is "Fetch Rewards"?

Have you heard of Fetch Rewards yet? I know, you're thinking "another app, with gimmicky promises, really Christina?" Just give me a chance to explain! In this blog post I'm breaking down Fetch Rewards to make this my very first first-hand-experience-backed app review.

What's the main idea?

Currently the most highly rated and reviewed app that I have on my phone, Fetch Rewards is an app that uses your photo scanned or digitally linked everyday shopping receipts to their benefit, in exchange for rewards points that can be cashed in for many different store and restaurant gift cards. It's that simple, really, but we'll cover the ins and outs below to help you decide if this app is one that you want to add to your money saving repertoire! I'll be reviewing other money saving cash back style apps in future blog posts.

What to expect when you download Fetch

First, before you go downloading the app without reading my well thought out and detailed review - you should start by using my referral code, because it benefits us both! Really, it does, we both get 2,000 pts upon your download and use of the app. If you do not use a referral code, you do not receive any boost to my knowledge. Here's that code:

Let's say you've taken my advice and you're new to the app... Fetch Rewards will allow you to cash in on receipts older than 14 days because you're a noobie, so take advantage of this now as it will not allow this in the future. But what receipts do I scan, you ask? ALL OF THE RECEIPTS. You (I) picked up some overpriced empanadas at the farmer's market? Scan it. You (me again) purchased yet another plant that you definitely did not need? Scan it. You (yours truly) bought coffee instead of making it at home for the 400th time this month? SCAN IT. Cash, credit, paper receipt, or even an e-receipt, it all works!

Now here's the part where me being a very honest person comes in handy. Fetch is sneaky about starting their new users off with high rewards points for every receipt scanned, only to later lower the amount to their much more realistic 25 pt minimum. Confidently, I can say this is the only negative experience I have yet to find in the app. That being said, once you get the gist of the app, you'll find ways to maximize your points with less effort anyways and it will all balance out.

Maximizing your points

Link your Amazon account, and or link your email to collect points for online purchases from major retailers like Target, Walmart, Costco, etc. Now we're really racking up some points! If you adjust to using Fetch like I did, you'll stop throwing out your receipts right away and start making a pile in your car or purse to scan at the end of the week. It takes me approximately 5 minutes per week to load about 1,500 points worth of receipts into my app. 10,000 pts = $10 in gift card balance on average. There are also special purchase offers from very common brands like Knorr, Thomas, Maxwell House, and more. For purchasing these brands you get extra pts. The most I've unintentionally cashed in was 325 pts on a single grocery receipt that just so happened to have multiple special offers on it I had purchased by pure coincidence.

Enjoying your rewards

Now that you've got the points, cash 'em in! Click the "rewards" tab, then scroll down to see all of the ways you can use your points. Some rewards require as little as 5,000 pts, which is easily met upon downloading the app and uploading any receipts you've got lying around. From sweepstakes to Advanced Auto gift cards, you'll be sure to find something you can make use of.

You have to make purchases nearly everyday to survive in today's society, whether it's for business or personal life, which means you can earn rewards with Fetch virtually anytime you remember to scan in your receipts or order something online. Happy Fetching!

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