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The First Seed

Welcome to Little Seeds Grow Big Trees


Let's jump right in! We're here because I have things I want to share, and you are interested in what I have to say, and that is incredibly AWESOME. I am thrilled to finally be writing in a real space where my friends, family, and strangers alike can digest my seeds of knowledge at will, instead of me crowding their Facebook feeds and shoving what many might see as useless information down their eye sockets - oops.

Setting the Tone

Anyways, if you know me in the real world you know there's a lot out there that I really care a butt load about! Animals of all kinds, plants, humans, the environment we get to share, education, travel, frugal & sustainable living, minimalism, and general respect for the world around us. I am a total sponge for the hottest topics, and topics that few care about alike. This blog will most definitely reflect my wildly varying interests and passions in life, with the ultimate goal being to benefit you, the reader. Whether it's saving you money, making you money, teaching you how to help save the planet, or just how to have a better day and an easier time with life, I will to do my best to cover it in a super casual way.

Formalities and great grammar will not be priority number one here, just going to get that out of the way nice and early. Sure, I'll tab my paragraphs and cite my sources, but that's as much as you'll be getting out of me for now! Life is quite busy, and blogging will just be a nice hobby that I can share until further notice.

So Far

Speaking of busy lives, I should explain what general life experience I have to base my writings on... I had a super mild American upbringing in a town where there were and may still be more horses than people. When I was 16 my parents divorced. Shortly after that I begged my father to let me leave private high school and attend public school for my senior year. I had the best year of my life that year (a quiet rebellious win). I enlisted in the active duty military before I had turned 18. I then had the rug pulled out from me when my military career ended sooner than I could get it in motion. I floated aimlessly as a young adult thereafter. My resume includes floral design & delivery, overnight psych ward security guard, retail theft agent, and superstore truck unloader. Yikes. Ultimately, though, I landed in a state that I have a love hate-with, bought a house that I have a love-hate with, and started a business that, yes, you guessed it, I have a love-hate with. Along the way I have learned what I do not care for at all, and what I care said butt loads about. In the last 10 years I've explored sustainability, growing my own food, saving money, making money, and making the absolute best of ones' free time.

Consider it Planted

If I can plant little seeds here for others to pick up and nurture in their own lives, my hope is that we will have a lot more big trees out there dropping little seeds of their own than had I never shared what I have learned. Small ideas really do lead to big changes, and small changes lead to big success. Alright, you get the idea. Stay tuned.

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